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Illustration Commissions

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Things to note:

What's considered for

additional character pricing?

Any extra character on the SAME CANVAS qualifies for additonal character pricing. If for example you want 2 character illustrations but they're seperate images; those two characters will be charged at full price, each.

Why do some styles have the

I do take My Little Pony commissions. As the pony physique is generally simpler and designs may also be simpler, prices with the Pony perk are 20% off the total price! (Yay!)

You MUST provide:

A visual character reference.

If you want me to go off a worded description of your character it will incur character design charges.

Pay what you want [closed]

Pay What You Want

Pay any amount you feel most comfortable with! This option grants me full artistic freedom with your commission. 


It gives me the choice to explore new styles or try something I don’t usually do with my usual art. The higher the amount, the more details there will be. 


Please note that getting a PWYW does NOT guarantee:


Full body

Any style in particular 

Art you get will 100% be:

Minimally worth the price you paid or of higher worth.

Price for price doesn't apply:

If you saw someone get a certain style for a certain price, paying the same price does not guarantee the same result. PWYW is completely up to my inspiration/mood for the character you've given me.

Cost: Up to you [This style is no longer available for commercial work]

Sketches/ Sketch Pages [Available]
Sketch commissions are limited to 2 active slots in the total list

Character Sketches


20 usd


Waist Up:

35 usd

Full Body:

40 usd


White/Single colour/Transparent

Sketch Pages

[Minimum mixture of 3]


B&W - 10 usd

Coloured - 15 usd

Waist Up:

B&W - 20 usd

Coloured - 28 usd

Full Body:

B&W - 28 usd

Coloured - 35 usd


White/Single colour