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Ren 2023 F.jpg

Hi there! I'm René, a 2D Artist. Feel free to call me Ren!
I specialize in character illustration and concept, storyboarding and animation. I enjoy drawing anything from humans to animals, to fantasy creatures. One thing I love about working with people and other creators is drawing original pieces and working on their original characters because I enjoy drawing and working with so many amazing designs.

I'm an introvert [INTJ-T] with moderate-severe social anxiety so I might not seem very open at first, but I promise I'm friendly! It just takes a little longer for me to warm up to people, but I've been working hard on it and am proud to say I have come a long way even though I'm far from perfect. 

I hope you'll like my work and stick around for a long time! ^^

*If you wish to work with me professionally, please don't hesitate to shoot me
an email at: with a brief description of your project details.*
I'm always open to new opportunities and am even open to relocation. [I'm actually very eager to work in a colder climate. *It's too hot here!*]

Oliver F.jpg

✨ Renciel is looking for: Plushie Artists to work with
[Casual Partnership, Ad-hoc works fine]

11 Dec 22  New Welcome Page Created

?? May 23  Commissions reopened

18 August 23  Commission Examples Updated

Commissions: Open

Requests: Closed/Specific polls on IG @Rencielart

Art Trades: Friends/Mutuals 
[Exception: Custom Craft/Plush artists]

Art Status

General Notices

Collaborations: Ask 


My Mailbox 883184


P.O Box [Currently Paused]

I really love receiving mail! It excites me and makes me really happy! Please don't hesitate to send me a letter to say hi! ^^ You don't have to ask me for permission. [Please don't send money!]

For businesses wanting product reviews with video uploads, please contact me before sending your product.

Ren's Current Timezone

GMT +8  Singapore

[My body clock is still not fixed so I'm awake mostly at night]

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