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Casual Corner

Oh- hello there! Come to get to know me?

I go by Ren, or you can call me by my formal name, Rene. I live on the sunny, humid island of Singapore. It's in South East Asia! We speak English, but we have a multiracial and cultural society here so don't be surprised if you see someone speaking their mother tongue. (I can't though haha) The weather here is a constant, hot, summer heat and I'm honestly not a huge fan *cries*

Who are you?

I'm an artist, animal lover, gamer, Cancerian, Ravenclaw, dreamer, independent only-child and an INFP/J(I fluctuate). My birthday is on the 3rd of July. Born and raised a Roman Catholic.


I struggle with social anxiety but have the awesome companionship and support of my friends. Horror Movies are my utmost favourite, next to animation and fantasy and I am always open to stream invites- wooo!

However, horror games terrify me so I only experience those through watching Let's Plays T_T  Despite my happy-go-lucky exterior, I take a lot of things very seriously, especially projects and things-to-do. I'm a huge introvert so I have a few very cosy, close groups of friends who are very important to me <3  But be mean to them and I'd fight you. 


Matters of the heart are pretty important to me so I tend to like going with my gut feeling. I also prioritise the feelings of others, those around me and myself. Feelings are important m'kay. I'm a bit of an astrology nerd and do it for fun. 

Despite being a water sign myself I haven't really gelled with Scorpios nor Pisces.

Some random facts

Sketch info 2.png
Sketch info.png



Colour: Green- chartreuse to be exact.

Animal: Birds then wolves

Dinosaur: Triceratops... and Therizinosaurs (If only pterosaurs were dinos then them too :'D)

Food: Beef/Lamb Steak and Sushi

Drink: Milk and Fruit juices

Music: Celtic Folk, Jazz, Rock, Classical

Music Artists: Daughtry, Jon Bellion

Movies: Horror, Animation, Fantasy, Tear Jerkers, Documentaries

Pokemon: Buizel

Fandoms I'm in:  MLP:FIM [only lol oof]

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