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Meet the Family

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Ren (Reh-N)

Sign: Cancer | Sex: Female | Gender: Genderfluid | He/She/Them

Indigo Hair | Yellow Amber Eyes | Wolf Kemonomimi - Human Hybrid

Ren is my main OC. She represents me and my brand the most, but she also lives her own life story. She's ambitious, intimidating and intuitive. She stands her ground and stands up for her friends when they find themselves in trouble. She has the ability to turn into her wolf form, Reysol, when she requires to, and command the power of holy blue fire with the choice to summon blessed wings from the symbols on her haunches.

She's in a relationship with Diex and is best friends with Aradael. She looks after Oliver like an older sister and is very protective of him.

Reysol (Reh-ee-soh-l)

Wolf of Holy Fire.

Reysol is Ren's alternative form. She is tall at 7"9" and is often ridden by Diex when they're going on journeys and expeditions together. 

She can command holy blue fire and breathe flames from her mouth. Her body is covered shades of blue, indigo and white, with golden-amber eyes and dark indigo feathers from her cheeks, elbows and heels and two fangs that protrude from her lips. She sports winglike symbols from which she can willfully summon wings for flight. She has two long tassels next to her large fluffy tail. 

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