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Meet the Family

Diex (Day-k-s)

Sign: Cancer | Sex: Male | Gender: Male | He/Him

Grassy Hair | Bright Red Eyes | Elf

Diex is an elf with green hair and bright red eyes. He is compassionate and caring towards those he holds dear to him and would do what it takes to protect them if they find themselves in need of help. 

He is quiet compared to the rest and often mediates heated situations with logic and clarity. Although he is intelligent and has high emotional intellect, he lacks the ability to know his limits when it comes to pushing himself to accomplish things. [Like perfecting his magic, and providing services for others.] 

He is very hardworking, often to a fault when he becomes a bit perfectionistic, but has a kind heart and a gentle soul.

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Diex is in a loving and committed relationship with Ren, and have known each other since childhood. 

Ren is the most important person in Diex's life and he would do anything to take care of her and make sure she's safe.

In the relationship, he comes off as the more responsible of the two, often making the better decision logically.

He often rides on Ren's wolf form to get around.

Oliver also looks up to him like an older brother and mentor, and he finds himself adored by the kid.

He's good friends with Aradael.

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