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Character Design [Open]

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Characte Design

Custom Character Design

Artist Specialities[Enjoys doing, but not limited to]:

Ren's current specialities lie in simple-moderate design work with a fair amount of colours [2-5 main shades]. Ren loves designing anything animal-related and anime based. Usually makes designs befitting hand drawn animation as they won't be overly complex.


80 usd+

  • Comes with a Simple Reference Sheet

  • Good for animation

  • Colours won't be too complex

  • Simple clothing


200 usd+

  • Comes with a Simple Reference Sheet

  • Good for animation

  • A nice variety of colours

  • Markings and more detail on clothing


350 usd+

  • Comes with a Moderate Reference Sheet

  • Good variety of colours

  • Elaborate markings or features

  • Clothing with flair or heavily themed


All prices are at their base pricing. Please ask for a quote along with your request's details.


Reference Sheet Upgrades:

Simple to Moderate: +40 usd | Simple to Complex: +120 usd |  Moderate to Complex: +80 usd

Commission Process:

From the beginning of the commission, you will have up to five free revisions and allowed changes throughout the whole process.

Any extra changes thereafter will have a small fee of 30usd per change.

Reference sheets

Your character must already exist to commission this.

I usually add a very small amount of shading to make the sheet nicer but you can request if you'd like to have your character as pure flats. (:


60 usd

  • 1 Full Body

  • Colour Palette

  • Written Details [Optional]