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Commercial work process

Welcome, curious clients!

This page is visually summarised and condensed for your information and easy intake of my commercial commission process.

I genuinely hope you find it informative and, of course, please don't hesitate to ask me any questions. ❤







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Contracts are necessary for most projects and are to be provided by the client.

They should state the amount agreed upon, the payment instalments if any, any limits to the amount of changes of the art piece agreed upon, the usage rights and the time frame required of the project, or other further concerns/ agreements.

The exceptions are small(<800usd) one-off projects where our agreement can be settled in the form of an online, worded conversation through my website or e-mail. For this method, payment will have to be full and upfront. Any discussions held over voice call/video chat must be confirmed after the session in black and white.

The price for artwork doesn't necessarily need to come from me, especially if you're coming from a large company. I'm open to hearing how much you'd like to pay for a certain project you have in mind.

By all means, please offer.


Timezone & Timeline


It's important to take note that I live in Singapore which has a GMT+8 timezone. However, I tend to have constantly shifting waking hours due to the nature of my work. I'm frequently working from 12 am to 5 am on the norm as I do better at night and that may be daylight where you are.

At times, it reverts back to day work.


This also means that, if required, I'll be able to adapt and work with you and your company in your timezone with little to no issue. If this is something you need, do discuss this with me so I can prepare my body clock.


Otherwise, if you don't feel it's necessary, I'll converse with you as I do my usual clients and adjust accordingly depending on the project's timeline and urgency.


Work timeline will be discussed and agreed upon before wrapping up the contract.


Casual commercial clients (No project urgency/ has specified that they're in no rush) will follow the completion timeline as regular hobbyist commissioners. (Wait time is stated on the To-do list page.)

All commercial work will go through a sketch/planning phase, with some progress shots, followed by the final piece. This isn't fixed, however, and if you're a company I'll adapt to your company's method for the project. This applies to both illustrations and animation.


The general rule is that I take payment before starting work, in any phase, regardless of contract. This means that if we were to arrange for payment instalments, the work process will break and arrange itself according to the number of payments agreed upon. 

[Example: "3" separate payments]

First payment > ART > 2nd Payment> ART > Final Payment > Finished ART

The only exception will be for big, well-known companies who have had a healthy record for working with artists frequently. The agreed cost and any addition to extra changes must be stated in the contract. Art can be completed before payment with these criteria.

Old clients also benefit from this exception.

Clients who have worked with trusted friends also benefit from this exception.

An example of the average work timeline. Not set in stone. Flexible depending on the client's reputability/if they're well known OR if they're fresh and I don't know them.

Discussion & Agreement


First Payment

Sketches and ideation
[Not constrained to one instance]

Changes inbetween
[Not constrained to one instance]

Fleshing out near finals with WIPS showing progress
[Not constrained to one instance]

Final Payment

Art Completion

Final Artwork given

Instalments may be paid in and between these phases

Final Payment needs to be in before the final art piece is produced.
These measures are for the artist's self-protection as there are many scammers in the industry.

This is flexible for clients I've worked with previously on multiple occasions as well as large well-known companies with reputable work ethics.

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