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Digital Art Commissions [Open]

Illustration | Animation | Character Design | Live 2D Art & Rigging

Terms & Conditions:

1. Prices listed are for hobbyists with no intention of profiting from commissioned work.

If you're a business owner and you just want to use the art as a display or icon, that still counts as commercial work as it represents your business.


2. Commercial clients can contact me for official freelance work at

A rough gauge of my commercial pricing is 2x-3x what I charge hobbyists depending on the type of work. For bigger projects, you're also welcome to quote.

I am also available for contract based freelance work. I have a fixed hourly rate. I'm open to full time employment opportunities as well.

Learn more about my commercial work process HERE!

3. Current completion time is 1 day to 2 month(s) from the date of payment.

If you need it by a certain time, let me know beforehand. I'll do my best to accommodate you without extra cost, however, if the deadline is too close (1 week for a whole scene for example) there will be a rush fee (25% of the full price). I usually go down the list but it's not followed strictly, hence the estimated time. 

Are you the sort who gets the itch to "check-up" on artists? Please read "Point 6" over HERE.

4. Refunds/Cancellations are only applicable before I begin working on your piece.

I put time and effort into the piece from commencement, I only ask that your commitment is the same. 

5. All transactions will be in USD only, via Paypal, Bank transfer(Commercial) or Paynow(local SGeans).

Payment to be in full before starting. For large orders (1000 usd>), we can arrange for a payment plan.

6. All commissions are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. I have the right to reject a request.

If slots are full at the moment, feel free to subscribe to the notification service at the bottom of this page.

7. Prices are subject to change. Quoted prices are valid for a month.

This is more of a yearly thing where I adjust my prices due to gaining more experience, and this stated term is more of just a heads-up. Certain commissions have a need for quotes (Eg. Live 2D/ Painted Scene/ Character Design etc.) Quoted prices may or may not change due to shifts in influence or inspiration and techniques.

8. NSFW commissions have additional fees. This applies as a flat fee for all styles.

This affects anything sexually suggestive. Especially in regards to actions and interactions. Flirty expressions(like smirks with blush) aren't counted in this.

Headshot +15 usd | Waist Up +25 usd | Full Body +40 usd

9. Rights to use your commission as display samples/ upload to my social media is given to me unless stated otherwise.

Sometimes I upload commissions pieces to my social media or to showcase a style, the only exception to this may be sketches, which I may or may not upload due to the quantity people get and I withhold them to prevent my pages from being spammed. If you are a commercial client I will not upload without your permission and as per our contract agreement. Casual hobbyist commissioned work will be uploaded at my discretion. These usually contribute to my portfolio, especially larger works, due to the time and hard work put in. You'll need a 40usd fee if you don't wish for me to upload them and keep them "secret".


10. Response time varies but I try my best to reply as soon as I can. [1-3 working days]

My weekends tend to be a bit slower as I relax on those days. If my to-do list is packed that might also affect response times as I'm usually in some form of contact with clients or collaborators. 

11. I don't personally notify people of open slots. Please use the notification function at the bottom of this page.

I speak with a number of people and sometimes there are multiple people waiting on open slots. I am unable to remind each and every person individually. It is up to your responsibility and interest to take the initiative. If my slots are closed or full, you can use the notification service I have set up at the bottom of the page to be automatically notified when my commissions are available again. 

YouTubers with more than 300k subscribers count as Commercial clients*

What I will draw:
What I won't draw:
  • Concept Work for characters 

  • Concept Work for background

  • Concept Work for props

  • Fantasy 

  • Humans 

  • Creatures

  • Animals

  • Furries

  • Original Characters

  • Fan Art

  • Illustrative covers for albums, books, media, cover photos

  • Splash art

  • Purely Background work

  • Gore

  • Horror

Not sure? Feel free to ask (:

  • Fetish Art 

Grey areas:
  • Ask about NSFW (Also please see Terms and Conditions No.8)

  • Mecha (Depends on complexity)

  • Certain monsterish species (i.e Orcs, Goblins, imps etc.) (Depends on complexity)

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Commission types

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Thank you for the interest!

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