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Ren wouldn't be complete without her feathered friends. So here's a little corner on the site solely for them!

The Aviary


Animals have always been a part of Ren's childhood. This included a myriad of species from cats, dogs, rodents, amphibians, fishes, and of course, birds. As a wee lass, she's never really had a favourite animal but for some reason, she always took a real liking to bird designs, apparels and characters. Eventually, years later it came as a realisation that birds were her true favourites in the animal kingdom. Now, she lives with 10.

Meet the Flock


Birds to me, have always been underappreciated as companions.

Dogs and Cats have always had the limelight but birds are equally loving, sensitive and reactive as can be. Each of them has their own personalities and traits that make them... them!

Bby pic.jpg

Ew. who dat.

Bby pic 2.jpg

Oh, it me.

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