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Annual Major Revamp to site

Hi all,

There will be a huge site revamp from now till November 2022. The site is basically being refreshed and will get a new layout for the main page, and commissions types will change to fit my best current style.

Prices might shift a bit but not by much, and there will be new pages (mostly for leisure and fun facts) about myself outside of just being "Renciel the artist". I hope to be more familiar and relatable with the general public as part of my journey to conquering my social anxiety! *fist pumps*

I hope to make information more easily available by keeping the important things in summary on the front page. This includes art status, a summary of updates for the site, myself and commissions, and the P.O Box notice. The time zone will also remain, just neatened up so everything looks cohesive and neat.

In this bit I'll also be posting active projects I'm working on, as well as things I'm looking to work with other creators on! [Aah so exciting]

That's all for now, thank you everyone for your support and patience!

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