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"Your Character Here"-type Commissions

"Your Character Here" otherwise known as YCH, are pre-decided templates given by the artists where you can simply "slip" you character in!

It offers a convenient and easy way to visualize how your commission will look like! Emotions are customizable from the offered template to fit your character better.

Simply take a look at the rough sketch(es) that the artist has drawn and its price. If you like the rough idea it has going and it's within your budget, that's a good sign to get yourself a slot. :D The artist will then ask for your references, payment and get ready to draw your character in the style offered for that YCH!

Sometimes a single YCH might have multiple slots and poses in the scene. This is an extremely fun way to get your character interacting with OTHER people's characters! [without the need for socialization  introverts rejoice!

Simply grab one slot and wait till other commissioners grab the rest.

Same T&Cs apply from Commissions.

Available YCHs will change every month

Examples of YCHs from my MLP days [Old samples]

Click to view

YCH Examples

Style being offered:

[Animation is optional]

LewisFenn Gif 750W.gif
Reysol realistic.jpg
Available YCHs

Available YCHs

Click to view. YCH Code is found in the image.

Codes with details

[What characters can fit] + Price

Blue - Comes with Plain BG

Purple - Comes with normal BG

AP stands for Animated Price [Optional]

Slots - How many times it can be claimed for use.



If animated


08A1 - All creatures 

08A2 - All creatures/Humans

08A3 - All creatures/Humans

08A4 - Small creatures/Pups and Cubs 

08A5 - Quadruped creatures 

@140 USD

@75 USD

@85 USD

@140 USD


@220 USD

@140 USD

@150 USD

@220 USD

@220 USD






YCH Order Form
Fill this form to claim your slot. Do not worry I will confirm the commission and details with you before requesting payment.


Thanks for submitting! I'll confirm the commission with you within 24 hours!

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